AVG PC TUNEUP 2014 - Activation Cracked

avg tuneup 2014 activation cracked

AVG PC Tuneup is an awesome application that you all must have, 
Why not specially When You get the working crack , and enjoy the app to the fullest.

What are the Features of AVG PC TUNEUP 2014

-Optimization of System
-Defragmenting the hard drive
-Customize Windows
-Disk Cleanup
-Defragment and troubleshooting on disks
-Working with the registry
-Recover deleted files


Improved cleaning definitions:
- cleaning unnecessary files from iTunes and Windows Metro applications Duplicate Finder:
- scanning the hard drive for duplicate files
- results sorted by categories: Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents, Archives, Others
- further sorting of the results according to various parameters (e.g. file size, name, count of duplicates)
- deleting the selected duplicate files

Flight Mode:
- disabling WiFi and Bluetooth connections via simple switch to save the battery time

User Interface:
- simplified layout
- modern design

How to Download ?

1) Download Avg PC TuneUp Utility 2014 Download now (29mb)

2)Install it.

3) Close the Program Completely, Use Task manager if you want.

4) Now Comes the Real trick, Download the the Crack From or http://bit.ly/1cZwkL (638 kb)

5) Run The Crack, Enter any Name and Company name (Any name which comes in your mind, Not important )

6)Done ! Enjoy AVG PC TUNEUP 2014

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